What we offer broker-dealers

  • Experienced FINOP and CPA with 20 years experience in financial reporting and compliance for broker-dealers.
  • Outsource for less than any quality alternative (including do-it-yourself) as a direct result of my specialization and experience as a FINOP (Financial and Operational Principal).
  • Service all types of broker-dealers throughout the US and internationally
  • Flexible contracts (permanent or interim) to meet your current and future regulatory needs.
  • Have a current network of referring partners for audit, broker-dealer registration and other regulatory services.


Outsourcing the FINOP and accounting function to Ken George since 1998 has proven to be a smart business decision for Arrow Investments, Inc. Mr. George is always accessible and willing to help with any regulatory or compliance issue that we present to him. He uses his regulatory knowledge and experience to provide clear and concise advise at a reasonable cost.”
Steven Rubenstein, President
Arrow Investments, Inc.

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Kenneth R. George, CPA
Series 27 and 63
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Fax 603-386-6792